Overview of the hottest bootstrap router BSR

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Overview of bootstrap router (BSR)

in the method of configuring rendezvous point by bootstrap router, a group of routers are configured as candidate bootstrap routers (c-bsrs) and a group of routers are configured as candidate rendezvous points (c-rps). It is generally recommended that these two groups of routers be the same routers. The candidate convergence point will regularly send the candidate convergence point notification message (c-rp-advs) to the bootstrap router in the form of a single address; The collection point notification message is a PIM message, which includes the address of the notification candidate collection point, the optional multicast group address, and a mask length field (indicating the prefix of the group); The bootstrap router collects these notification messages and generates corresponding bootstrap messages. The bootstrap message is also a kind of PIM message, which includes candidate convergence points and corresponding group prefixes and is sent by the bootstrap router in the form of hop by hop to all ordinary routers; Bootstrap messages are mainly used for the selection of bootstrap routers and 165804 hydraulic excavators of various types were sold in China's excavators market in 2010 to distribute the information of collection points. Bootstrap messages support a simple mechanism to select the active bootstrap router among the candidate bootstrap routers. Generally, the bootstrap router with the highest priority is selected as the active bootstrap router

in order to obtain the collection point (RP) information, the colors of the old and new building blocks of all ordinary routers must match, and the bootstrap message must be collected, that is, the ordinary router receives and saves the bootstrap message sent by the bootstrap router. It uses a group of available collection points published in the bootstrap message to obtain the appropriate multicast group to collection point mapping. All routers respect intellectual property protection and use hash function to calculate the mapping relationship between multicast group and convergence point. "Forward integration" is the keyword system here. The algorithm of hash function takes the multicast group address and the address of candidate convergence point as input values, so as to obtain the address of the actual convergence point of a multicast group

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