Overview of the four most popular packaging design

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Overview of four packaging design features

Product packaging design is usually people's * * impression of the brand, which is why those successful enterprises have been trying to adopt innovative, eye-catching and * * * * packaging design. The following is a collection of four packaging design features, hoping to bring packaging design inspiration to designers

cater to the season

the way most companies keep their products fresh is to constantly change the way they sell products, such as catering to the season. Oreo is a good example. Every specific Festival, Oreo's packaging design will change a little, integrating the taste and color of the corresponding season, red, orange and yellow belong to each, so that consumers will not mistakenly think that his Oreo is inappropriate

environment friendly

especially in the past few years, environmental protection has become a necessity for a good enterprise, and consumers usually prefer to buy goods that make them feel that they have made a certain contribution to protecting the earth, which is particularly obvious in the bottled water industry. For example, arrowhead mineral water uses recyclable water bottles in new products, which reduces the plastic content by 50% compared with the original mineral water packaging, They found that these bottles cost less and are easy to produce. More importantly, it is very environmentally friendly to cultivate and introduce 1000 high-end talents


this company really understands my mind! It is the localized design that gives people the impression that the small-scale mass-produced electroplating equipment has been built * *. Absolut Vodka (absolute vodka) has experimented with this design technique, and it has successfully introduced its products to the global market through localized and artistic advertising design. It is not easy for consumers to pay the bill, so absolut vodka spent a lot of attention on details: they made a detailed market survey of the corresponding geographical location and the age, gender and culture of the local people, so as to use accurate packaging design to touch the hearts of consumers


the technology and trend of product packaging are constantly bringing forth the new. Technology is a highlight for enterprises to attract consumers, but it is difficult to stand out with technology, but here is a little secret: retro, most people have this nostalgic complex. Although many companies do not use retro packaging design, general mills is trying to make retro a design element of modern packaging. They use retro design to present the origin and history of food to consumers, which makes this counter practice a unique and lasting impact, and at the same time, it has gained a good reputation under this situation

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