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At present, there are only three types of 3D glass covers in the world, including Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7 and vivo xplay5. The three 3D glass covers are all from Samsung

at present, domestic cover plate manufacturers are actively planning 3D glass cover plate projects, and more and more manufacturers are entering the 3D glass cover plate market, including Bourne, Lansi, oufeiguang, Xingxing technology, kaimao, Xinli, Kaisheng, kelistv, etc. However, there are not many manufacturers with real mass production capacity, and the monthly delivery volume is relatively low

2. The market demand for 3D glass cover plates is growing rapidly

at present, there are three types of 3D glass cover plates in the market, Samsung Galaxy s6edge, S7 and vivo play 5. It is expected that more manufacturers will choose flexible displays in the future, and the demand for 3D glass covers is imminent

the reason for the rapid growth of demand for 3D glass cover plate: Samsung provides AMOLED screens to domestic first-line manufacturers such as vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, Jinli, Meizu, etc. AMOLED screens will become a differentiated choice for domestic manufacturers to seize the high-end market. Apple uses flexible AMOLED screens, which will stimulate the demand for 3D glass covers

3. The market scale of 3D glass cover plate is expanding rapidly

in terms of the market scale of 3D glass cover plate, Fang Ruhua Wei, 3 stars and others are also interested in the modified materials we produce. In 2016, the proportion of smart 3D glass cover plate in China was about 4%, and the market scale of 3D glass cover plate is expected to be about 1.7 billion yuan. 2018 will be the outbreak year of 3D cover plate. It is expected that by 2020, the penetration rate of 3D glass cover plate will exceed 54%. With the maturity of 3D glass cover plate processing technology, the 3D unit price will decline year by year, resulting in the following: the penetration rate will increase rapidly, but the market scale will grow slowly, which will be about 19.2 billion yuan by 2020

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