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The application of electrochemical marking in power equipment management

with the rapid development of science and technology, enterprises, especially power enterprises, are more and more standardized in the management of equipment, and pay more and more attention to the auxiliary means and tools of management. Rigorous and efficient auxiliary management means is an important guarantee for the wide variety of ring stiffness testing machines of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. with good equipment management

as a front-line maintenance personnel in power production, I often encounter difficulties in equipment disassembly and marking during work, resulting in the loss of marks during reassembly, which affects the progress and effect of maintenance. For this reason, as early as 2001, the research work on the method of sending control signals from the computer to the servo valve mark was started. After many comparisons and experiments, the whole process of electrochemical marking, a high-precision marking technology, was finally successfully mastered, and good results were received in production practice

generally, marking has two main functions: marking the relative position of parts and marking the model of parts. The marking of the assembly position can ensure that the parts are restored to their original state during reassembly, so as to ensure the assembly accuracy of the machine. The marking of the part model can record the model, material, date, etc. of the part, and provide reliable data for the next overhaul, especially the emergency repair

in the previous maintenance, marking mostly used marking pen or flat shovel. These two methods have serious defects: the marking pen does not damage the equipment, but it cannot mark on small parts, it is easy to fall off under high temperature or oil state, the accuracy is extremely poor, and the handwriting font is not standardized. The flat shovel can relatively improve the accuracy of marking, but it can only make positional marks if the equipment is seriously damaged. Note: it is difficult to mark the parts after experimental heat treatment at low temperature

electrochemical marking can overcome all the above defects. Practice has proved that electrochemical marking has the following advantages:

I. standardization of marks

at present, electric power enterprises vigorously promote standardization. Standardized maintenance can greatly improve work efficiency and quality. Electrochemical marking can realize the standardization of marking of all equipment, which is convenient for unified management of enterprises and unified identification of marks by maintenance personnel, It brings great convenience to the maintenance work

II. Diversification of marks

enterprises can prepare icons, numbers and codes by themselves. Scientists have also developed a series of graphene based energy storage materials as marks. For electrochemical marking, whether handwritten or computer-generated graphics and words can be very accurately reflected on the surface of parts

III. stability of marks

as marks, stability is very important. Clear and accurate marks can bring great convenience to maintenance. In fact, each mark embodies the wisdom and labor of maintenance workers. Unstable marks will cause a waste of resources, and meaningless repetitive work will also reduce work efficiency. The stability of electrochemical marking is very good. No matter in high temperature or oil state, as long as the surface of the parts is not corroded or worn, the marks will be clearly visible

IV. excellent adaptability

the equipment is complex and changeable on site, and the marking surface is also very different. Electrochemical marking can well overcome these. No matter whether the surface is flat or concave convex, it can make high-quality marks

v. simplicity of operation

simplicity and practicality are the basis of promotion. The speed of electrochemical marking is very fast, and there is no need for professional training. In the maintenance of equipment, you can mark while working. Each marking time is a few seconds, which will not affect the work progress

VI. accuracy of position

the accuracy of marking position directly affects the quality of maintenance, especially the maintenance of precision equipment. Electrochemical marking can accurately determine the marking position, even if the marking surface is very small, it can also be accurately marked

VII. Reliable safety

generally, the voltage used for electrochemical marking is 6.3V, so there will be no unsafe phenomena such as electric shock during operation, ensuring the safety and reliability of the operator

VIII. Universality of use

electrochemical marking is applicable to all kinds of metal and stainless steel surfaces. It can be used in the following aspects: a marking of the assembly position of parts in the maintenance process can be done once and for all to avoid repetitive labor. B it is more intuitive, simple and authentic to mark and track the newly replaced key parts than to record them in the archives. C. improve the model marking of some unmarked parts to lay a foundation for maintenance or emergency repair. D is used for machining, marking the processed parts, indicating the model, material and other parameters for the user's reference. E it can be used for the management of non-standard parts or scattered metal spare parts in the warehouse

power enterprise management is a very complex work. Due to its capital intensity, the annual management and maintenance costs are considerable. Every practical reform plan, even a very small technological transformation, will bring great wealth to the enterprise

if electrochemical marking can be really widely used in equipment management, it has a very far-reaching significance in improving equipment management level and work efficiency

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