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Hunan Machinery Manufacturing Industry locks in the target of 100billion yuan

Introduction: the recently held Hunan Machinery (automobile) industry work conference officially set the short-term development goal of the industry that the sales revenue in 2007 exceeded 100billion yuan in all industries in the province. In 2003, there were 881 Enterprises above Designated Size in Hunan machinery industry, and the total industrial output value (current price) was 470.87

the recently held Hunan Machinery (automobile) industry work conference officially set "the first sales revenue in all industries in the province to exceed 100billion yuan in 2007" as the short-term development goal of the industry

in 2003, there were 881 Enterprises above Designated Size in the machinery industry in Hunan Province, with a total industrial output value (current price) of 47.087 billion yuan, a sales revenue of 47.042 billion yuan, an industrial added value of 11.72 billion yuan, and a profit of 2.172 billion yuan, an increase of 28.13%, 32.47%, 20.50% and 62.58% respectively over the previous year, and a loss reduction of 3.5 percentage points. The above indicators all reached the best level in history. The production and marketing of the whole industry are well connected, and the annual production and marketing rate reaches 99.73%. The growth rate of the three dominant industries of construction machinery, automobile and parts, and electrical appliances exceeded 40%

the shock development of enterprises has accelerated

in recent years, the organizational structure adjustment of Hunan machinery industry has accelerated significantly. First, cross regional, cross industry and cross ownership mergers and acquisitions are very active. Following Delong holding Hunan torch, TBEA's debt taking merger with Hyundai Group, Hunan Electric Power's merger with Hunan Light Industry Machinery Plant, and Zoomlion's merger with Hunan Machine Tool Plant, Zoomlion completed the merger and reorganization with Puyuan group in 2003, which is the largest asset reorganization case in the field of domestic construction machinery. At the same time, cross regional mergers and acquisitions such as Anhui Kaima entering Hunan heavy truck, Guangdong Midea enterprise group entering Sanxiang bus, Hong Kong Hengtong holding Xiangtan boiler, Hong Kong jutian technology acquiring Xinshao printing machine Co., Ltd. are in full swing. Xiangtan Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has also officially signed the letter of

to acquire the equity of Changsha Water Pump Plant Co., Ltd. and has entered the merger and acquisition process. Changsha Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., newly established by Hunan Haili group to restructure the advantageous assets of Changsha heavy machinery factory, also recently held a signing ceremony. Second, the private and other Non-State-Owned economies have won us in the industry, that is, their thermal insulation performance can be superior to all other types of thermal insulation materials, and they are very interested in deep cooperation with innovative enterprises. "To further develop, a number of domestic well-known excellent private enterprises such as Sany Heavy Industry and Shanhe intelligent have emerged. Third, the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises has been continuously strengthened, and the progress of the separation of main and auxiliary enterprises, the restructuring of auxiliary industries and the separation of social functions has accelerated. All 18 municipal electromechanical enterprises in Changde have been restructured, with a restructuring coverage of 100%

The financing channels of the industry have also been further expanded. In 2003, Sany Heavy Industry was listed in Shanghai, raising more than 900million yuan at a time, making the number of Listed Companies in the machinery industry in the province reach 8, accounting for 21.6% of the total number of Listed Companies in the province. In addition, Changfeng cheetah has also completed all procedures before listing and is waiting to be listed on a certain date. On the one hand, the listing of these enterprises has added momentum to the development of the enterprise,

changed the development path of relying solely on bank financing in the past. Generally, plastic 500kg sensors can be used, and at the same time, they have also accumulated strength for the asset restructuring of the whole industry. In addition, a number of enterprises have effectively solved the capital bottleneck of enterprise development by hanging on to the big and relying on the strong. The "depression effect" of the provincial machinery industry development funds began to take shape

key backbone enterprises in the industry generally accelerated their development speed. Changfeng Group's family off-road vehicles have been put into production, the capacity of Changsha area has been expanded, and the construction of parts Park has made rapid progress. In 2003, the output was close to 30000 vehicles, and the sales revenue exceeded 5billion yuan. The target for 2004 is 50000 vehicles, with a sales revenue of 8billion yuan. Zoomlion has formulated and begun to implement its development plan of "five parks and seven bases". In 2003, its sales revenue doubled, reaching 6.5 billion yuan in 2004 and 12billion yuan in 2007. After the listing of Sany Heavy Industry, it effectively solved the capital bottleneck of development, accelerated low-cost expansion, and doubled its sales revenue. BAIC Foton Changsha automobile factory has also developed rapidly. In 2003, it produced and sold 23000 vehicles, with a sales revenue of 825 million yuan. It also increased investment in building the largest light truck and agricultural vehicle production base in the south of Changsha. In 2007, the sales revenue will reach more than 7 billion yuan

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four of the top 10 landmark projects of industrialization established by the Hunan provincial government are in the machinery industry, and eight of the 22 enterprises involved in the top 10 landmark projects are machinery enterprises. Yang Zhengwu, the Secretary of Hunan provincial Party committee, and Zhou Bohua, the governor of Hunan Province, both stressed the need to highlight industrial priorities, cultivate and expand the three pillar industries, namely, equipment manufacturing, non-ferrous iron and steel, cigarette manufacturing,... In particular, we should give top priority to the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, whose sales revenue will be the first to exceed 100billion yuan, the cigarette manufacturing industry with the largest contribution to financial revenue, and the electronic information and communication equipment manufacturing industry with a strategic position. From the speech of the provincial leaders to the planning of the Provincial Planning Commission, in fact, the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry has been placed in the position of the first pillar industry in Hunan. Among the 10 enterprises with sales revenue of more than 10billion yuan in 2007 planned by the Provincial Planning Commission, 4 are in the machinery industry

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