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This year, the machinery industry will stabilize, recover, transform and upgrade for development

this year, the machinery industry will stabilize, recover, transform and upgrade for development

China Construction machinery information

recently, the national development and Reform Commission and other nine ministries and commissions jointly reviewed and selected the "top 100 engineering pilot enterprises of the first batch of innovative enterprises in the country". The first batch of innovative enterprises announced were 9, of which Sany Heavy Industry became the only shortlisted enterprise in the construction machinery industry. "After years of rapid growth, China's machinery industry entered a new stage of medium growth in 2015. Since this year, the economic operation of the machinery industry has continued the trend of stabilizing in the fourth quarter of 2015, and the overall operation index is better than that of the industry and the same period last year." Wang Ruixiang, President of China Machinery Industry Federation, said at the press conference of 2015 top 100 of China's machinery industry and top 30 of the automotive industry on the 26th

the growth rate stabilized and rebounded

it is understood that the cumulative growth rate of the added value of the machinery industry from January to April was 7.8%; From January to March, the cumulative main business income was 5.25 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.96%, and the cumulative total profit was 337.75 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.86%. Chen Bin, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation, said that from the data of industry operation in the first quarter, the growth rate of the industry began to pick up at the beginning of this year. Take the cumulative orders of key connected enterprises as an example, the growth rate has changed from negative to positive. From January to March, the cumulative orders of key associated enterprises in the machinery industry increased by 4.43% year-on-year, up 13.67 percentage points from the same period last year (-9.24%)

from the overall list and ranking of the top 100 machinery and top 30 automobile enterprises, the overall development of the enterprise is stable. Chen Bin said that there was little change in the ranking of enterprises on the list, especially the top ten enterprises, except for some minor adjustments, basically maintained their original ranking. This fully shows that the top 100 and top 30 enterprises still maintain a good development momentum and strong competitiveness. However, the growth rate of investment in the machinery industry and the order growth rate of key linked enterprises are still low, and the situation of foreign trade import and export is still not optimistic; In the machinery industry, the number of products whose output fell year-on-year is still more than half

it is reported that the products with weak periodicity are the main ones that maintain the growth of output, including host products that are closely related to consumption, people's livelihood, energy conservation and emission reduction, efficiency and expenditure saving, and industrial upgrading, as well as some parts and components. Such as high-power tractors in the agricultural machinery industry, post harvest processing equipment and special equipment for feed production, instruments and meters limited by product structure, etc. The first is typical investment products with strong cyclical characteristics, such as engineering machinery, trucks, heavy machinery, metallurgical machinery, petrochemical equipment, conventional power generation equipment, etc; Second, ordinary mechanical products with serious overcapacity, such as ordinary machine tools, AC motors, low-voltage electrical appliances, mutual inductors, rolling bearings, etc

will continue the low-level stabilization trend

"at present, China's machinery industry is still facing challenges." Chen Bin said that on the one hand, the domestic economy is still under downward pressure, and the machinery industry generally lags behind the overall economic operation, so the weak situation of the domestic demand market for machinery products is difficult to be significantly improved in the short term; On the other hand, the growth of Global trade is weak, and the export situation of the machinery industry is difficult to significantly improve in the short term. At the same time, the machinery industry still has the positive factors of steady progress, and the macro policy environment is conducive to the industrial structure adjustment

at present, the state has issued a series of favorable policies for the industry. The relevant supporting policies of "made in China 2025" have been issued one after another, pointing out the direction for the long-term development of the machinery industry. Chen Bin said that at present, the association is actively studying and formulating policies and measures such as the three-year action plan for steady growth, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, cost reduction and efficiency increase of the machinery industry, striving to work from both sides of supply and demand, pull demand, promote application, promote innovation, fill weaknesses, adjust structure, tamp the foundation, optimize the environment, and increase benefits, so as to provide a good policy environment for the development of the machinery industry and boost industry confidence

as for the trend of the machinery industry this year, Chen Bin said that since the growth rate of the main indicators of the machinery industry last year was the lowest in recent years, from a year-on-year perspective, it will be conducive to the continued recovery of the growth rate of the main indicators this year

"based on comprehensive judgment, it is expected that the machinery industry will continue the low-level stabilization trend since the fourth quarter of last year in 2016, and the growth rate of the main indicators will continue to maintain. The fixture itself is a locking mechanism, which is better than the industry and the same period of last year. The export growth rate is expected to rebound and narrow." Chen Bin said that the annual growth rate of added value of the machinery industry is expected to be about 5.5%, the growth rate of main business income and profit is expected to be about 3.5%, and the export growth rate is expected to turn from negative to positive

the auto industry is expected to enter the best period

in 2015, the operating revenue of the top 30 auto enterprises totaled 3.895 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.61% year-on-year, and the growth rate fell by 8.92 percentage points year-on-year. "There was a certain chance that the growth rate of production and sales of the automobile industry slowed down last year." Dong Yang, executive vice president of the Association for impervious and sound insulation, vibration absorption and other auxiliary functions of China's automobile industry, said that the purchase restrictions in big cities, the decline in exports, stock market fluctuations and some policy restrictions related to second-hand cars directly led to the slowdown in the growth rate of production and sales, which fell to 4%

Dong Yang believes that the constraints on the growth of the automotive industry are expected to be alleviated through scientific development during the 13th Five Year Plan period. For the problem of vehicle pollution, China's newly produced vehicles will refer to the experience of developed countries and implement the fifth stage emission standards; As for the problem of traffic congestion, it will be gradually reduced to less than 10% with the growth rate of cars, the construction of urban roads and parking facilities will be strengthened, and the level of traffic management will be improved; As for the problem of energy shortage, according to the national "energy saving and new energy vehicle development plan", the average fuel consumption of newly produced passenger vehicles will be reduced by 28%. With the gradual improvement of restrictive factors and the efforts of auto enterprises, China's auto technology will make significant progress. Dong Yang believes that the market will not grow slowly as last year, and the "13th five year plan" is likely to become the best period for the development of China's auto industry

according to the analysis of insiders, China's automobile industry has a relatively complete modern automobile industry system; Self owned brands have made great progress, with nearly 50% of the output of more than 20 million vehicles; Consumers are more mature, their blind enthusiasm for joint venture brands is reduced, and their recognition of independent brands is increased. At the same time, within the framework of "made in China 2025", the state will support the automotive industry to build an industrial innovation center focusing on basic and generic technology research, which provides strong support for China's automotive industry to solve the technical shortcomings

you are reminded that the shrinkage rate is still large due to early solidification of the gate

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