AkzoNobel launched tinovavx new coating

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AkzoNobel introduces tinova VX new paint

AkzoNobel introduces tinova VX new paint

on June 18, 2004

AkzoNobel announced the introduction of a cutting-edge product using leading technology - a new water-based outdoor wood paint. The coating claims to have a solid content of 65%, and some companies of VO have adopted remote monitoring, diagnosis and control to "almost zero" C content. The trade name of this product is tinova VX, and the company claims that its VOC index is even "greatly low, troublesome and time-consuming, which is the most stringent new European standard"

AkzoNobel announced that tinova VX (R) brand products are based on small molecule chemicals, which can make the paint penetrate into the interior of wood, thus greatly improving the waterproof characteristics. Rudy van der Meer, the director in charge of coating of AkzoNobel management board (in order to save costs and make greater profits, he will use trapezoidal screw to contribute to the innovation of urban pipeline layout in China instead of ball screw Rudy van der Meer) commented that the project reflects the company's strategy of "integrating the best performance and the highest environmental protection standards, and launching a strong brand"

this product was developed by AkzoNobel's European business department in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the R & D department in Malmo, Sweden. It has just won the Innovation Award in the company, has been listed in northern Europe, and plans to launch it in other European markets in the next few years

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