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Glass fiber reinforced plastic robot traffic police work on Zhoushan sea crossing bridge

1.85 meters tall. In 2017, Nanjing set a work goal of "70% of the days with good air quality". The robot stood at one end of Zhoushan sea crossing bridge, waving a red flag in its right hand, and the red flash lamp in its left hand kept flashing, tirelessly reminding passing vehicles to slow down when approaching the construction section of the bridge to ensure safety

this is the first robot to work in Zhoushan sea crossing bridge. "He" is modeled after the police. In addition to the "Japanese style" of the uniform, when standing with the high-speed traffic police, it can be almost unreal from a distance

"the whole body of the robot is made of FRP, and a 12 volt rechargeable battery is installed behind the foot." In the eyes of Liu Zhiyong, the head of the safety section of the high-grade highway maintenance Co., Ltd. of polyester material industry, this tireless guy is the traffic safety guarantee of today's bridge deck construction section. Considering the strong wind force on the Zhoushan sea crossing bridge, the staff also specially installed reinforcement brackets at the left and right feet of "he"

because of "excellent work", the bridge will soon usher in a second robot, "they" will carry out joint duty during the bridge inspection

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