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Ficot: product innovation promotes brand upgrading

ficot: product innovation promotes brand upgrading

June 28, 2010

[China paint information] it is necessary for an enterprise to launch new products from the perspective of enterprise development. However, if an enterprise's packaging innovation is insufficient, every new product launched has become a benchmark in the industry and a model for category development, then this enterprise must be very magical. Ficot, a subsidiary of wazb group, is a brand with such a magical experience. In recent years, ficot has established its strong position in the industry through products, and has become the leader of listed brands in the same period. In the fierce market competition, ficot's brand development strategy is a product of the self-improvement of contemporary Chinese brands. The mechanical properties of this kind of aerogel are a dynamic portrayal of multi-function

standard innovation, decisive terminal

in the mode of GDP promoting economic development, China's coating industry is taking a road of rapid expansion in quantity. The sharp expansion of production capacity is bound to be accompanied by the increase of sales pressure, so there is the saying of decisive terminal. At the same time, the increase of sales pressure weakens the main function of the enterprise into two links: production and sales, resulting in the absence of brand and marketing, so that the "truth" of the decisive terminal is only pure marketing and price war

this one-sided "truth" is taken as the guiding ideology of brand development by many enterprises. Therefore, the development of Chinese coating enterprises follows such a simple model: find regional dealers - build stores - build big stores. Such development will inevitably lead to vicious market competition. And how can an ambitious brand escape from this vicious competition? How to take the initiative in the future competition

China tightening space: 1000 × one thousand × Mr. Huang Hongting, CEO of 1000 ZB (Asia) China, has a clear understanding of this: in fact, the enterprise is an organic whole, and the problems of the enterprise will inevitably affect the competitiveness of the terminal. The problem of inadequate sales lies in the terminal, but the root lies in the enterprise itself. Therefore, it is really necessary to discuss how to win a decisive victory in the enterprise

looking at the current paint market promotion, there are even dozens of yuan of paint. This vicious competition is like a whirlpool in the torrent, and many influential enterprises in the industry are inevitably involved in the brutal price war. The cruel reality has to make us think, what is the problem? We say that the process of economic development is also a process of understanding improvement. The success of coating enterprises in the past was achieved under the previous historical conditions, but in today's global competitive environment, our enterprises must keep pace with the times and rethink our ideas and strategies

Mr. Huang Hongting further said that the way out for coating enterprises is to improve product R & D ability and brand operation ability, so as to get out of the current dilemma of the coating industry. He believes that paint enterprises should learn from P & G. P & G does not operate terminals at all, and mainly deals in brand and advertising. However, due to its strong development and innovation ability and brand management ability, P & G has become a favorite product of most consumers

in terms of terminal construction, huazibu company has always adhered to such a principle: products are not the most, but the healthiest. Franchised stores do not seek the largest, but the most exquisite. Decoration is not the most luxurious, but the most distinctive

ficot's brand development path suggests that the paint industry should bid farewell to the era of impetuousness, no longer place its dreams on mediocre products, and paint marketing should return to the origin of product innovation and product value competition. Based on the above principles, enterprises should stabilize and continuously improve product value and realize product value innovation according to customer needs and competitive needs on the basis of studying, discovering and creating customer needs and studying competitors' product defects and value defects

sincerity is bound to return to the trust of the market. With the reputation advantage brought by good product quality, ficot quickly occupied the market and was recognized and praised by consumers. New products of ficot paint are emerging in endlessly, which has impressed the industry and has quickly become a cutting-edge brand in the coating industry

innovation, seize the high-end market

because the coating industry belongs to the industry of "low attention and high participation", consumers only pay attention to products when they buy products. They may think that this brand is good when they see what kind of coating is used in the decoration of their neighbors, or when they see which specialty store in the building materials market is large and well decorated. Therefore, the core competition of the coating industry in the future is still products. We should see whether our brand has a good product concept and put it on the terminal, so as to attract consumers. In the face of fierce market competition, ficot paint is not satisfied with the status quo, but chose characteristic products to enter the high-end market

the "health and energy-saving paint" series products launched at the end of 2009, as the touchstone of ficot's new appearance, strive to produce with a distinctive and equipped with safety protection; Product allusion brand

after the baptism of brand upgrading, ficot paint has reached a new level in terms of new product research and development and terminal display, becoming more calm and confident. Today, with the rapid innovation of coating technology, the company pays great attention to the design and development of new products to provide consumers with the healthiest, most environmentally friendly and energy-saving products. With the care of the company's leaders and the dedication of technical personnel for nearly a year, ficot health energy-saving paint came out in the air. Its birth is like the mushroom cloud that broke out in Lop Nur in the history of the Republic in 1964, which surprised the world and injected unprecedented vitality into the company

Michael Porter pointed out in his "competitive strategy" that the essence of competition is to create differentiation. Only by establishing unique differentiated value and improving the core competitiveness of enterprises, can the competitive body break through the barriers of industry competition. The practice of "dare to be the first in the world and dare to be new in the world" of ficot paint has created many firsts in the market with numerous paint brands and fierce competition, and will win the market in the future

advance and maintain the vitality of the brand in innovation

the development of the industry is accompanied by the improvement of the marketing level of enterprises. Paint marketing has made rapid development in the past few years. Enterprises have experienced product war, advertising war, channel war, terminal war, service war, brand war and other stages in the market competition. Like other industries such as home appliances, fast-moving consumer goods, in every market stage, There are opportunities for enterprises to grow rapidly, and of course, there are more enterprises who "made heroic sacrifices" in the battle

in the face of the changing market, ficot paint has always maintained a high degree of sensitivity, and raised strict requirements for continuous innovation. In the enterprise, employees will be highly recognized and encouraged for any innovative action. Over time, the gene of innovation will be recognized with continuous innovative operation activities and organizational behavior in management

it is through the emphasis on product design that ficot forms a benign gene of enterprise innovation, promotes the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises, and finally opens up the dull situation of market competition and walks out of a new market space

in the process of transforming from made in China to created in China, China looks forward to the emergence of more enterprises like Wordsworth

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