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Be the pioneer of in-situ cold regeneration technology in the field of deep ploughing and road maintenance

be the pioneer of in-situ cold regeneration technology in the field of deep ploughing and road maintenance

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nowadays, in the field of road construction and maintenance, economic and environmental friendly cold regeneration construction technology is popular at home and abroad. Shang Jianlin is the chairman of Jiangsu Polaris Transportation Industry Group Co., Ltd. As a pioneer enterprise of domestic cold regeneration technology construction, Jiangsu Polaris Transportation Industry Group Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the research of this new construction method for many years, and has made unremitting efforts for its promotion in China

Jiangsu Polaris Transportation Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Polaris") was founded in 2012, with a high-level technical team specialized in roads, bridges, geotechnical, electronics, software development, etc., covering traffic maintenance PPP operation management, road and bridge inspection and consulting, pavement recycling technology, new materials and other businesses, Through technology introduction and cooperation with wittgen and other international multinational companies, it has developed a series of new materials, new equipment and new technologies with independent intellectual property rights

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"the subgrade of the road that is frequently impacted by heavy or persistent loads will show signs of damage. If the damaged subgrade is repaired, the whole pavement structure needs to be repaired. Using the cold recycling process, 100% of the original materials can be recycled and reused, and the cost of the treatment process is low. Therefore, the cold recycling process is an economic and environmental protection ideal choice."

According to Shang Jianlin, based on the years of accumulation and mature process system of Polaris' asphalt layer maintenance technology, as well as wittgen's excellent hardware equipment, the two sides work together and give full play to their respective advantages to bring comprehensive innovation to the maintenance technology and process of China's high-grade highways, which has brought immeasurable value to social production

Polaris now has engineering machinery and equipment, including wittgen 3800cr cold regeneration machine, Vogler SL, Hummer hdo138v oscillating roller. These equipment adopt the construction process of cold regeneration technology, and have participated in road maintenance projects such as Xinsi road maintenance project in Fangshan District, Beijing, Jiangsu Yangzhou 332 provincial road maintenance project, Nantong 221 provincial road maintenance project, etc., which have won the unanimous praise of the owner

five advantages ensure efficient, high-quality and environmental protection in construction

it is understood that the working width of wittgen 3800cr crawler type cold regenerator is 3.8m, which can regenerate asphalt pavement (one lane) locally, which is efficient and fast. In addition to the traditional up cut mode for cold regeneration construction, C. the hydraulic system leaks oil or the oil return valve is not tightly closed. This model can also be constructed in the down cut mode newly developed by wittgen, so as to optimize the cold regeneration process

Shang Jianlin said that under this construction method, the recycled materials are directly transported to the paver through the rear receiving belt, and then immediately paved and preloaded. Finally, the final compaction is carried out by the roller. Especially for the asphalt pavement with serious damage and looseness, the ideal material gradation control can be obtained when the undercut mode is adopted. He told us that using wittgen 3800cr crawler type cold regenerator for construction has the following advantages:

deep cultivation in the field of road construction and maintenance

low cost. The road in-situ cold regeneration technology applied by wittgen 3800cr uses all the old paving materials, thus reducing the excavation, transportation, waste and purchase of new materials during road maintenance or reconstruction. It can not only save energy, but also greatly reduce the cost of the construction party. The larger feed speed and drill bit diameter can reduce the delamination

high efficiency. During the construction of wittgen 3800cr, milling, crushing, adding and mixing can be completed at one time, and the pavement can be paved with the paver, which simplifies the traditional pavement construction procedure and greatly shortens the construction period

good quality. The local cold regeneration method of wittgen 3800cr is used to repair the pavement, which can be designed according to the actual situation of old pavement materials of different roads. For example, choosing different additives and accurate proportioning can ensure the excellent quality and construction quality of recycled materials, forming a thick and uniform construction molding machine for mechanical testing of these materials has also been widely concerned by people, so as to ensure the service life of the road after maintenance, and make the performance of the regenerated asphalt pavement basically equal to that of the newly paved asphalt pavement. At the same time, because the wittgen 3800cr is the reuse of old materials, the geometric alignment and thickness of the pavement can be well maintained during the construction process

less pollution. Due to the full recycling of old materials, the mining volume of new road construction materials is greatly reduced, and there is no problem of transportation and storage of old asphalt materials, which is very green

low interference to road traffic. Although the wittgen 3800cr is a large-scale equipment, due to the intensive construction, the traffic interference caused by the construction can be minimized. It is worth mentioning that this equipment has a closed automatic control addition system, which can prevent dust from flying and is conducive to environmental protection construction

construction effect

Shang Jianlin believes that the use of wittgen 3800cr crawler type cold recycling machine can apply the recycling of waste pavement materials to the construction and maintenance of road infrastructure. Turning waste into treasure and forming an industrial chain in line with the circular economy model can avoid the occupation of land and environmental pollution caused by the stacking of waste materials, reduce the demand for stone, asphalt and cement, and reduce the cost of road construction and maintenance, which is in line with the environmental protection principle of "who produces, who disposes". Under the current situation, vigorously developing the recycling technology of asphalt pavement in line with the circular economy model can save resources in the production and construction of asphalt pavement, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, create as much economic and social benefits as possible, and realize scientific development

work together to promote the technological upgrading of renewable resources industry

when it comes to the views on the opening of wittgen China Taicang factory, Shang Jianlin said that he was shocked by the construction of the new factory. Taicang new factory has the rigorous style of German Enterprises: regular workshops, orderly stacking of warehouse items, efficient equipment management, and clean and tidy environment. He believes that the standardized system and advanced technical concepts of Taicang new factory are very worthy of reference and learning by domestic enterprises

Shang Jianlin believes that Taicang's new factory has an excellent geographical location, the delivery speed of spare parts will be faster than before, and the service efficiency will be further improved, which can significantly reduce the impact of equipment failure on the construction progress of the project. He told us that using wittgen 3800cr, the latest international large-scale equipment in China, without the support of a strong after-sales service team, would be very difficult for users. Once parts fail and need to be replaced, serious problems such as equipment downtime and project delay will inevitably occur. Wittgen China has set up factories in Langfang and Taicang, and the company is very satisfied with the rapid and timely supply of parts

work together to promote the technological upgrading of renewable resources industry

during the cooperation with wittgen China, Shang Jianlin deeply realized the excellent performance of wittgen equipment and the excellent service of the manufacturer. From the regional sales manager to the customer service representative responsible for coordinating after-sales, to the on-site equipment maintenance engineer, Shang Jianlin said he was very familiar with them. He said that wittgen China has always provided customers with cost-effective products and original accessories, and provided customers with high-quality after-sales service with exquisite professional technology

deeply cultivate the field of road construction and maintenance, and be the pioneer of in-situ cold regeneration technology

"Usually these products have excellent lightweight potential. Their service personnel will often visit, have discussions, listen to our feedback, and make maintenance plans for us according to the equipment. As long as there is any problem with the equipment, in the past, the service personnel will rush to the scene at the first time. It can be said that our intention to customers is also one of the reasons why we choose wittgen brand."

finally, Shang Jianlin said that Polaris is currently cooperating with government agencies to establish a renewable resources project base for urban construction system. In the future, the company will establish a strategic alliance with wittgen China to achieve win-win cooperation and create a better future. Both sides will work together to accelerate the technological upgrading of domestic renewable resources industry and promote the rapid development of urban road renewable resources industry

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