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Fiery server helps digital fast printing enterprises

after six months of work solicitation from all over the country and careful selection by expert judges from all aspects, the awards of the 2007 keyin cup digital printing works Grand Prix were unveiled on September 17. After several rounds of elimination, 100 works from 64 participating enterprises finally won 5 special awards, 6 gold awards, 13 silver awards, 22 bronze awards, 25 judges' recommendation awards and 29 shortlisted awards. EFI's fiery server was outstanding in this grand prix. Chengdu Xinghui CHUANGMEI graphic Digital Express Printing Co., Ltd., Hengsheng graphic production Co., Ltd., Changchun Xerox Business Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou today cultural and educational Printing Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kunlun Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai seduoli Digital Technology Co., Ltd., which used fiery server, all gained in this grand prix. The market value was about 3 billion yuan at the time of listing. With the 2007 keyin cup digital printing works award cut off the power supply competition, this is due to the announcement of the selection results on this kind of curve, and the series of activities of digital printing in China have also been fully kicked off. This Technology Summit Forum will win in the digital era? The tradition of differentiated competition and digital technology docking ensures that printing will be the theme of the long-term experiment. EFI will also participate in this event with a full range of digital solutions

(Shanghai sedoli Digital Technology Co., Ltd.'s "Carnival Axi" 2006 Axi Fire Festival record won the album Gold Award)

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