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Fight Shanxi again! Ten million yuan off highway wide body dump truck batch delivery

fight again in Shanxi! Ten million yuan off-road wide body dump truck batch delivery

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with the gradual resumption of operations of mines around the country, XCMG heavy truck's traditional advantage product - off-road wide body dump truck has ushered in a hot situation that is difficult to find. Recently, xg90 received tens of millions of orders from a customer in Shanxi, of which 8 have been delivered, and officially went to the front line of 18. Advanced medical equipment mine

XCMG heavy truck off highway wide body dump truck has fully considered the customer's product demands. It has been finalized after thousands of high-strength industrial examinations in different construction environments. It has passed the high-performance test of the national military testing ground and the German Rhine certification. It has incomparable adaptability to complex working conditions of traditional dump trucks, and is widely applicable to open-pit mining, water conservancy construction, short-distance transportation in ports, shifting mountains and filling the sea and other construction projects

xg90 is a new generation flagship product of XCMG heavy truck, which fully integrates the firmness and reliability of heavy industry and the refinement and perfection of cars, with a rated load of 60 tons. The advantage lies in the high degree of modularity, low maintenance cost in the later stage, obvious advantages in carrying capacity, chassis reliability and driving comfort, abundant power and outstanding fuel economy. The high attendance rate has won the good reputation of professional users in the market

xg90 intelligent driverless engineering dump truck at the international heavy truck fair

hands free driverless

as the old ceramic based material of XCMG heavy truck, there are some fundamental research bottleneck customers. In addition to the excellent product quality, the service quality and financial policy are very attractive to me. XCMG heavy truck has provided us with special personalized financial policies, sufficient spare parts reserves and 24-hour mine service. We are very confident in the use effect of new products

from traditional mining areas in the north to emerging markets in the south, the ruts of XCMG off-road dump trucks have been everywhere, such as bearing retainers, gears, hot water pumps, turbine blades, wear-resistant sealing rings, etc; The great river of the country is north and south. In order to effectively ensure the operation efficiency of customers, XCMG heavy truck provides a full life cycle, responsive and timely customer service policy, arranges service stations nearby, places spare parts nearby, follows up and cooperates with the customer's construction period and construction progress, so that the use of equipment is more reassuring, reassuring and reassuring

five heart service escorts customers throughout the process.

outstanding achievements such as frequent occurrence of tens of millions of large orders, continuous praise from customers, and export to more than 30 overseas markets have witnessed XCMG heavy truck's leading technical ability and high-quality service in mining engineering construction. In the future, XCMG will continue to cultivate the field of wide body dump trucks and continue to build products that are "technologically advanced and indestructible" to create more possibilities and bring higher value to customers

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