AkzoNobel will build a chemical additive factory i

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AkzoNobel will build a chemical additive factory in Ningbo

AkzoNobel of the Netherlands, the world's largest manufacturer of powdered coatings, will build a chemical additive factory in Ningbo. The total investment of this new factory is 17million euros. The company's total investment in the expansion of global organic peroxides is 27.5 million euros

the production of chelates has begun in the factory in Ningbo. Ethylene amine and ethylene oxide plants will also start production at the end of this year. The new refining unit will be put into operation at the end of 2011

robfrohn, head of specialty chemicals of AkzoNobel, said: "the construction of Ningbo additive factory will meet the consumption of our region. China is our main consumer market, and Ningbo plays a key role in the construction of specialty chemicals of the company."

this new organic peroxide plant will produce PE but the deformation is still elastic rkadox14 and tert butyl peroxide benzoate 10 in response to new changes in EU regulations 1. These chemical products are mainly used as durable goods for automation and civil engineering. The demand for these products is growing rapidly in the Asian market

robfrohn stressed: "we are very grateful to the Ningbo Government and local departments for their support. It is of great significance to implement the requirements of the national green strategy. Their support helps us further realize our business expansion plan."

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