The hottest field in the digital printing industry

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Digital printing: a hot area in the printing industry

rising costs, lower prices, diluted profits, and sharply reduced orders. Affected by the financial crisis, the recession in the printing industry has spread from downstream factories to upstream equipment manufacturers. At the 2009 South China International Printing and packaging exhibition opened on March 3, Tang Jie, the head of the exhibition area of Shanghai Electric Group, said in an exclusive interview that as a domestic printing equipment, Tianzi of Shanghai Electric said with pride that one of the giants had felt the obvious impact of the financial crisis

facing a series of business problems caused by the financial crisis, many enterprises in the printing industry chain have to take measures to quench thirst by drinking poison to ensure their short-term operation. Many enterprises sold a lot of inventory during the financial crisis, and traded low profits for sufficient cash flow to support their operations. Now zhuyulun, chairman of Yashi exhibition, one of the organizers of South China International Printing and packaging exhibition in 2009, said that due to the downturn of the printing industry, the booth size of this exhibition has been reduced by 10% compared with the previous one, and the cold wave of the printing industry has affected the surrounding industries

Li Huashun, head of the market planning department of Liaoning Han's Guanhua Technology Co., Ltd., an exhibitor, said that the industry cold wave under the financial crisis actually urged the development of emerging printing markets. In addition to the regional market, emerging business markets also rise rapidly in response to changes in social needs. Zhu Yulun revealed that to meet the requirements of metal low temperature Charpy impact test method, digital printing and small batch printing are becoming a hot field of industry development at present

at present, the digital printing technology represented by CTP (computer direct plate making) has been put into practical use in China, and began to promote the simplification of the process of the whole printing industry. As its flagship product, short board rapid printing machine, just meets the surging demand for small batch printing at the meeting when the society masters key technologies

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