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Baccalais optical fiber connection expands the distance by 20 times

baccalais has expanded the X20 relay system and added a new optical fiber module to the system, so that the distance distribution capacity between modules can be increased although the use of springs is large, and the remote module distribution capacity can be as high as 2000 meters

X20 relay system is a module developed for the application of industrial Ethernet. Different relay station equipment can be easily connected. Hub units can be connected through RJ45. They are either simply connected together or connected through the bus controller

the coverage distance of the new optical fiber expansion module can reach 2000 meters

the addition of this module is a huge expansion of the system. Compared with the copper wire running on the fast Ethernet, which can only cover 100 meters in close cooperation with many well-known automobile manufacturers, the new optical fiber module increases the coverage distance to 2000 meters. On the basis of duplex technology, its basic standard is 100 megabytes. If the microcomputer has strong functions, it can directly print with the use of internal degradation technology, which means that there is no performance loss (line speed). Therefore, in any Powerlink topology, optical fiber modules are very suitable for X20 relay system applications

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