AkzoNobel bpani products are the most popular in t

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AkzoNobel bpani products are fully commercialized in the North American market

AkzoNobel bpani products are fully commercialized in the North American market

October 25, 2018

after continuous efforts and improvements, AkzoNobel does not contain bisphenol A products - equal ™ G1 50 finally took the lead in making a historic breakthrough in the North American market and achieved large-scale commercial application, fully meeting the needs of North American can factories and brands for inner coatings for beer and beverage cans

in the past 70 years, the inner coating of beverage cans is often epoxy coating containing bisphenol A. However, in recent years, further regulations and legislation have been made in the United States and France for the needs of the beverage industry, and the legislation advocates the need for a safer solution in the use of materials. Today, some leading well-known brands, such as Anheuser Busch (the second largest canned brewery in the United States), millercoors and Heineken, have coated their beer cans with the bisphenol A-free product aquaure launched by AkzoNobel ™ G1 50, if the excellent performance of this product is loose, it is favored by brands, and it has also attracted a lot of attention in the market

in the past 6 months, equal ™ The use of G1 50 has increased significantly in North America. Use equal ™ G1 50 can not only greatly improve the operation efficiency of the factory, but also lead its rivals in terms of good compatibility with epoxy coatings and application performance of product stability. Mainstream brands such as millercoors and AB InBev have switched to BPA Free products to comply with current regulations, and the performance of the products has exceeded market expectations

ball Corp, AkzoNobel, one of the largest packaging coating customers, also highly praised aquaure ™ G1 50 products and AkzoNobel's attitude towards customer commitment. Mr. manoelrodrigues, AkzoNobel's global key account manager, said: "with the support of AkzoNobel's beverage can team, Bohr group has been positioning this new technology in the past few years, and we are currently reaping considerable sales." Mr. Dan Fischer, chief operating officer of Boer group, specially thanked AkzoNobel team for their support during Boer group's switch to new paint products. Our technical service team makes every effort to make these transformations smooth, thus ensuring the efficient operation of the customer's factory

aqua accelerates the implementation of made in China 2025 lure ™ G1 50 is a kind of metal packaging paint without bisphenol A. Our technology is in a leading position in the market and is suitable for traditional application conditions using epoxy coatings. At present, this product can not only meet the requirements of low VOC regulations in the United States, but also reduce the baking energy consumption of solidified coatings and improve production efficiency; It also meets the performance requirements of different tank sizes

the success of this coating in the U.S. market quickly established AkzoNobel, a combination of Dow and DuPont's agricultural sectors, as the leader in the bisphenol A-free coating market in North America. Brian Perko, global product manager of AkzoNobel packaging coatings, said, "our equal ™ G1 50 technology provides significant value for beer and beverage can manufacturers and brands that the export growth of China's extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation, which is also the proof of our commitment to provide value to customers when the market is transferred to new technology. "

although everyone now focuses on North America, AkzoNobel is already ready to promote and supply aquaure globally ™ G1 50 。 This product not only meets the requirements of global regulations, but also has been recognized by many international and local brands around the world. Every few weeks, new production plants begin to switch to our product system. By 2019, we expect that the annual sales volume of BPA non intent (bpani) free coatings will exceed 23000 tons

"AkzoNobel's team has made every effort to break through innovation and become a leader in the North American market", Brian, head of the North American market, said, "our success will not stop there. We always promise to give our customers more suitable and innovative solutions. Aquaure ™ G150 is just the beginning of success! "

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