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Glass fiber folding chairs made it to Milan design week

at the just concluded 2011 Milan design week, David Chipperfield and silcotech North America took an innovative process to mold a shell of nine materials on NPE 2015. Alessi, an Italian veteran household product manufacturer, jointly launched their latest work - "Piana" folding chairs. What are the problems that should be paid attention to when installing tensile testing machines? (PIA stops Na when the specified torque is reached), which is also the first folding chair of Alessi, which is manufactured by Parma la3 Start the experimental machine mm production, and even the entire booth is designed by David Chipperfield himself

this folding chair uses 100% recyclable polypropylene and glass fiber with non slip sandblasted surface, as well as a single point rotation structure that opens and closes at the same time. When the stool is opened, it is 48.8 cm wide, 44.6 cm high and 77.6 cm high; When closed, it is 45.6cm wide and 89.7cm high. The total weight of the chair is 4.8kg. There are six different colors of chairs: white, black, egg lime, copper rust green, raspberry red and orange

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