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Fight 2020! A glimpse of Shandong temporary production peak season

fight 2020! A glimpse of the busy season of Shandong temporary production

China Construction machinery information

the epidemic situation has improved, and the market is warming up. The peak season has arrived, and we are working hard at the temporary work

in order to meet the needs of the market and customers, Shandong temporary work departments strictly abide by the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, coordinated operation and orderly operation among departments, and there is a bustling scene everywhere

the personnel of production, quality inspection, process and shipping modules actively devote themselves to the upsurge of hard work, working hard and dedication in their ordinary positions... To the emergency power supply in hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, switches and other occasions...


the light of struggle blooms in their positions

concentrate and be meticulous

work together Tacit cooperation

AGV is also an important member of the "big work"

as night falls, the workshop is still brightly lit

quality inspection

excellence and strict control

careful exploration, careful inspection and quality assurance


the proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly improved. Reliable products condense the efforts of process technicians


small At present, it is one of the few enterprises with high efficiency that can mass produce cylindrical 811 high nickel batteries. Temporary workers excavate and ship in small batches.

another temporary "hard core products" large excavator rushes to the market.

praise temporary workers and refuel for themselves.

reliable load-bearing and heavy trust. Catching up requires hard work. "Working is beautiful, struggling is happy", "seize the day, live up to your youth, overcome the impact of the epidemic, do two things, improve work efficiency, and share for global customers (1) vanadium is the core basic material of vanadium batteries, more and more reliable temporary products". In the conversation, they said confidently

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