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The Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee: how should household enterprises go in the next five-year plan

among the major conferences of the party and the state, the Fifth Central Committee is the first batch of national standardization and integration system implementation units and the first batch of national green intelligent factory demonstration enterprises. The plenary session can be said to be very close to us and has the most direct impact, because it determines the country's next "Five-Year Plan". The information and trends revealed by the Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee are the key to where China's development direction is in the next five years and where China's economy will go in the next five years

October 30 "The insert was preheated to just below the melting temperature. The communiqu é of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee with more than 6000 words was released. We extracted several major policies closer to the home furnishing industry from the communiqu é and shared them with colleagues in the industry.

Science and technology + innovation is the first drive, and traditional business will die if it does not embrace it!

Science and technology and innovation are the primary productive forces for China's prosperity and rejuvenation, and also an important factor for China's important progress in the past factor. For example, the development of Shenzhen has long been branded as "technology and innovation"

in the future, science and technology and innovation will still be placed in an important position by the party and the state, and this meeting will put science and technology and innovation development in the first place. The plenary session proposed that we should adhere to the core position of innovation in the overall situation of China's modernization drive and take self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology as the strategic support for national development. Innovation driven development strategy, improve the national innovation system, and speed up the construction of a powerful country in science and technology

at present, the era of rapid development of intelligent technology, big data, IOT, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies are having a disruptive impact on the traditional business model. Although the home furnishing industry is popular with customers after being introduced to the market, many aspects can still take advantage of technology, such as intelligent production, front-end and rear-end integration, and rely on the development of intelligent technology to raise the traditional business to an efficient and intelligent level

home furnishing enterprises must embrace technology and innovation, pay close attention to industrial transformation and upgrading, and strive to occupy a high position in the formation of a new smart business model

it will be too late not to "go to the countryside" for the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas and villages

China's prosperity is not only the prosperity of first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, but also the prosperity of rural areas and rural population. In the next five years, the party and the state will regard "consolidating poverty eradication and comprehensively promoting the Rural Revitalization Strategy" as an important goal

The meeting proposed to give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas and comprehensively promote rural revitalization. We should take solving the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers as the top priority of the work of the whole party, follow the path of Socialist Rural Revitalization with Chinese characteristics, and comprehensively implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization

in China, rural areas are a huge "potential" market. According to the latest data on China's population released by the National Bureau of statistics, the number of rural people nationwide in 2017 was 576.61 million, accounting for 41.48%

check the corresponding bridge 2-pole tube, filter capacitor and corresponding connecting line. In recent years, the government has been vigorously developing the rural economy and building a beautiful countryside, and has made certain achievements. After the solution, the countryside is placed in the strategic position of "priority" development and comprehensive "revitalization", and the prospect is bright. For home furnishing enterprises, complying with the consumption upgrading in rural areas, bringing furniture products with higher quality and brands to rural areas, actively arranging channel sinking strategies, and promoting "furniture to the countryside" may alleviate today's fierce competition and open up new horizons

however, in reality, many household enterprises ignore the rural market or look down on relatively low-cost furniture products. In fact, Nankang furniture is more targeted at the market of such fourth, fifth and sixth tier cities. The progress and development of Nankang furniture in recent years are obvious to all

including pinduoduo now, the furniture on Taobao has a good market and sales volume. These examples can prove that in the future, rural areas must be the next growth point of the home furnishing market

environmental protection is a big plan, and non environmental protection is a dead end of low-carbon

in the 14th five year plan, the concepts of environmental protection, green and sustainable development have been emphasized for many times, and the green transformation of lifestyle and economic development has been emphasized, so as to reduce the total emission of major pollutants and continuously improve the ecological environment

The plenary session proposed to promote green development and promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Adhere to the concept that green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, respect nature, conform to nature, protect nature, give priority to conservation, protection and natural restoration, and guard the natural ecological security boundary

China's contribution to environmental protection in recent years is obvious to all the world. In the future, green environmental protection will still be the main theme of social and economic development. Household enterprises should comply with the trend, take green environmental protection work first, and achieve green material selection, green design, green production and green marketing. Improve resource utilization efficiency and transform to a green and low-carbon enterprise

in addition, I believe you are still impressed by the "trend of environmental protection" in the past two years. In the next few years, it is likely that various "strict environmental inspections" will continue to be carried out, which may cause a short-term rise in the price of raw materials caused by insufficient supply chain. Household enterprises should choose preferred suppliers, make predictions in advance, and take precautions

the focus of the economy has shifted to the real economy, and the spring of manufacturing is coming

the real economy is the source of all economies, and sufficient real economy can ensure the country's ability to resist risks. The last five-year plan did not mention the real economy, but in the next five years, the country will closely focus on the real economy

The plenary session proposed to accelerate the development of a modern industrial system and promote the optimization and upgrading of the economic system. Adhere to the focus of economic development on the real economy, unswervingly build a strong manufacturing country, a strong quality country, a strong network country and a digital China, promote the upgrading of the industrial base and the modernization of the industrial chain, and improve the quality and efficiency of the economy and its core competitiveness

in the past, China's economy has been divorced from the real economy for a long time, and has continued to move to real estate, finance and other fields, resulting in a series of sequelae, such as the polarization between the rich and the poor, high housing prices, brain drain, and the manufacturing industry has been restrained from developing

adhere to the focus of economic development on the real economy, tilt policies and capital to the real economy, deepen China's manufacturing level, and build a manufacturing power. As a traditional manufacturing industry, the household industry may also benefit from it

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