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The fifth batch of trusted cloud certification: new gold medal operation and maintenance and enterprise level SaaS certification

on March 11, under the guidance of the Department of information and communication development of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the fifth briefing on trusted cloud services was held in Beijing, hosted by the National Institute of information and communication technology, whether it is a pressure testing machine or a pull testing machine, and hosted by the data center alliance and the cloud computing development and policy forum. The fifth batch of certification results of trusted cloud services were released at the meeting, and the latest progress of trusted cloud host availability and performance monitoring, trusted cloud gold medal operation and maintenance, enterprise level SAAS and cloud insurance were disclosed

Xie Yuqi, Department of information and communication development of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said in his speech that as a strategic emerging industry, cloud computing is moving in a more robust and pragmatic direction. At present, the Ministry of industry and information technology is vigorously promoting the development of cloud computing from three aspects: first, promoting the establishment of cloud computing trust system; Second, guide and optimize the layout of cloud computing infrastructure; Third, promote the application demonstration of cloud computing in various fields. The trusted cloud service certification jointly organized by the data center alliance and the cloud computing development and Policy Forum has covered an increasingly wide range of cloud service business forms since its launch in 2013. The certified cloud service automobile manufacturers are looking for plastic material business types with high heat resistance and high cooling capacity, and the number is increasing, which has effectively promoted the improvement of the technology and service level of China's cloud service enterprises, It has laid a solid foundation for the establishment of cloud computing trust system in China

hebaohong, executive vice president of the data center alliance, announced the fifth batch of trusted cloud service certification results at the meeting. Among the 87 cloud services submitted by 72 cloud service providers, 30 cloud services have passed the fifth batch of trusted cloud certification, with a passing rate of 35%, which is lower than the previous four batches. He Baohong said: trusted cloud service certification is committed to promoting the construction of China's cloud service credit system and promoting the benign development of the market. The passing rate of the fifth batch of certification is only 35%, which is the result of the trusted cloud service certification adhering to strict certification standards. Among the 130 cloud services that have passed the certification, 92% of cloud services have passed the annual inspection of trusted cloud service certification, while those that have not passed the annual inspection are affected by factors such as withdrawal from the market and transformation. Up to now, 122 cloud services of 61 cloud service providers have trusted cloud authentication

Li Wei, the head of trusted cloud of China Academy of information and communications and the chief engineer of the Institute of technology and standards, said that the development of cloud computing industry is gradually transferring the production capacity of lithium battery related materials to China. At the same time, the technology of domestic leading enterprises continues to improve, and trusted cloud certification has three characteristics: running through the cloud computing life cycle, covering the enterprise level SaaS market, and multi support. This means that trusted cloud authentication has developed from the original single authentication to today's systematic authentication, which has the ability to involve the whole process of cloud service pre authentication, in-process monitoring and post insurance. More importantly, trusted cloud authentication can not only provide support for government management departments, but also support the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and capital investors. At present, trusted cloud certification has created five sub brands: trusted cloud iaas/paas service certification, trusted cloud enterprise SaaS certification, trusted cloud gold medal operation and maintenance certification, trusted cloud host availability and performance monitoring, and trusted cloud insurance. In the future, it will further optimize and improve the brand system according to the needs of the industry

the evaluation results of trusted cloud gold medal operation and maintenance were disclosed for the first time at the meeting, and Huawei, Inspur, China Mobile and Tencent cloud passed the evaluation. As a new evaluation project launched by the trusted cloud service certification, the gold operation and maintenance of trusted cloud is more rigorous than that of trusted cloud, which is the basis for further ability classification of service providers on the basis of trust, and provides support for government and enterprise customers who attach importance to the operation and maintenance ability of service providers to choose cloud service providers. The assessment focuses on the operation and maintenance completeness, standardization and automation level of certified cloud service enterprises, aiming to guide cloud service providers to establish a perfect and sound operation and maintenance management system, provide effective guidance for enterprises to improve operation efficiency and service quality, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises

the availability testing of trusted cloud hosts was announced for the first time at the meeting. From September 2015 to December 2015, the average availability of the availability monitoring of trusted cloud hosts reached 97.7%-99.9%, and 31% of cloud hosts reached their promised availability for six consecutive months. In terms of specific methods, trusted cloud monitors the actual availability of simulated users of certified virtual machines. One is randomly selected from each data center. At present, a total of 61 virtual machines are monitored, which can partly reflect the service situation of cloud service providers' virtual machines. This indicator is also used as one of the basis for annual inspection

at present, the enterprise level SaaS market is showing explosive development, and the reliability, service quality and security of enterprise level SaaS are highly concerned by the industry. Trusted cloud service certification released the trusted cloud enterprise level SaaS certification results at this conference, and 17 cloud services from 12 cloud service providers passed the certification in the first batch. The types of certification include OA office automation, disk, mail service, C but for general manufacturer RM customer relationship management, ERP, security, data analysis, communication and customer service

as one of the highlights of this meeting, trusted cloud service certification and ucloud signed a trusted cloud market strategy. The two sides will cooperate on enterprise level SaaS certification, realize resource sharing, and jointly promote the healthy and standardized development of enterprise level SaaS market

at the meeting, the Data Center Alliance awarded the trusted cloud SaaS entrepreneurship progress award to udesk, sendcloud, safety dog and Yifang cloud. As investors of these companies, Junlian capital, source capital, IDG capital and Jingwei China won the trusted cloud SaaS investment contribution award. Investors said that trusted cloud enterprise level SaaS certification can help start-ups grow in a standardized manner and gain recognition from the capital market

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