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The fifth civil advanced composite application Summit Forum time: November, 2012 location: Renaissance Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. To ensure the overall effectiveness of the pressure testing machine, the annual output of composite materials in the world has reached more than 5.5 million tons, with an annual value of more than 130 billion US dollars. Today, the world emphasizes the development of high-tech to civil use, "military to civilian" has become a general trend and trend. The application of composite materials in sports and leisure products (37%) and industrial applications (45%) is greater than that in aerospace applications (18%), and the civil goods market is a huge market for composite materials. Among them, the average annual growth rate of sporting goods and leisure equipment will remain at about 3% from 2007 to 2014. Practice has proved that many sporting goods are made of composite materials, which greatly improves their performance and enables athletes to create good results. The application of fiber-reinforced composite materials to sporting goods is a major trend of sports equipment in the 21st century

this session will focus on the application technology and production process of fiber-reinforced composite materials in ships, yachts and sports leisure products, actively respond to the trend of "composite sports products will become the mainstream of sports equipment in the 21st world", and provide the latest and most comprehensive technology sharing of industry manufacturing enterprises

conference topic

I: the latest global market trend and industry analysis of civil composite materials

1 Market trend and analysis of fiber reinforced composites in sports leisure products

2 Future industrial status and development of FRP, carbon fiber and other fiber reinforced materials

3 Nanocomposites this is a topic of contention among hundreds of schools of thought. The research and development, application trend and analysis of materials in sports and leisure products

II. The design and application of fiber reinforced materials in yachts and cool sports devices for shipping activities in Southeast Asia

1 Design of reinforced plastics in manufacturing high-quality hull structures

2 Structural design and research of sporting goods made of fiber reinforced materials

III. preparation and molding process of civil advanced composite materials

1 Composite material preparation and surface treatment technology

2 Recent situation, application and development of thermosetting resin matrix and thermoplastic resin matrix composites

3 Composite molding process and Technology (pouring process, hand paste molding technology, etc.)

4 Automatic processing of composite materials - how to optimize the design and manufacturing process of composite materials

IV. mechanical properties, structural design and performance testing

1 Analysis of mechanical properties of sporting goods made of composite materials

2 Structural design, characterization and evaluation of fiber reinforced composites

3 Material structure performance test and detection technology

4 Composite structure repair and cases

v. innovative technology and case analysis

1 Application case sharing of FRP in ship and yacht structures

2 Analysis of innovative application examples of sporting goods made of carbon fiber composites (ski, golf club, bicycle, racket, etc.)

this kind of fixture has a high cost

expert discussion:

1 2012 London Olympic Games composite material system innovative sports goods market point

2 Application of natural fiber composites in sports

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