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Development status and trend prediction of domestic multicolor small offset press industry (IV)

4 After sales service evaluation

Weihai Bintian, Yingkou Guanhua and Weifang Huaguang have invested a lot in after-sales service, and users are quite satisfied with their after-sales service. The after-sales service evaluation of the three major manufacturers is almost the same, which also reflects that the after-sales service has attracted extensive attention of manufacturers from the perspective of data

Figure 5 after sales service evaluation of major brands of domestic multi-color small offset press

while recognizing the manufacturer's service, users also put forward a series of requirements and suggestions for the manufacturer's products and services as shown in Figure 5. To sum up, there are five points as follows:

☆ the printing stability and printing adaptability of domestic multi-color small offset press are poor. It is hoped that manufacturers can improve product quality, reduce failure rate, and expand the scope of printing business applicable to products

☆ the automation degree of domestic multi-color small offset press is relatively low. In 2012, manufacturers are expected to improve the equipment automation level, increase the automatic version and version comparison functions, and further improve the production efficiency

☆ there are many vulnerable parts of domestic multi-color small offset press, and it is difficult to purchase parts. It is hoped that manufacturers can improve the quality of parts and improve the purchasing environment of parts

☆ the after-sales service quality of the agent is poor, and the professionalism and timeliness are not in place. It is hoped that the manufacturer will improve the professional level of personnel and strengthen the after-sales service management

☆ it has only been 3 years since the birth of the domestic multi-color small offset press to be put into actual use, and there are still many problems in products and services. The manufacturer is expected to provide technical guidance and equipment maintenance on a regular basis

5. Manufacturer positioning

according to the in-depth interview with major manufacturers by the printing and Packaging Institute of the industry research institute, we found that the product positioning and development direction positioning of domestic multi-color small offset press manufacturers are as follows:

☆ positioning in the medium and high-end market of multi-color small offset press, focusing on the development of high-end models; The development direction is printing accuracy, stability, adaptability and automation

☆ high, medium and low-end products are rolled out across the board, with the goal of meeting customer needs; The main development direction is to improve product performance, stability and adaptability

☆ locate the middle and low-end market, seize the market with economical models, and strive to rapidly expand market share; In order to maintain the price and improve the performance for the development of blow molding machines, we will continue to improve product performance and competitiveness

☆ cut into the multi-color small offset printing market with four open multi-color machine, play the edge ball strategy, and seek some medium and high-end customers; Continue to consolidate the market of four color offset printing machines and develop towards larger format offset printing machines

which can better meet the growing personalized needs of the market

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