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The development status and trend of testing instruments at home and abroad

science begins with measurement - this is the famous saying of Mendeleev, a famous scientist in the 19th century. In the 21st century, as one of the three key technologies of the information industry, the testing and measurement industry has become the foundation and development guarantee of the electronic information industry

as an indispensable tool for the development of the testing and measurement industry, testing instruments have played a great role in the development of the testing and measurement industry. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period in China, due to the increasing investment in infrastructure, driven by the strong market demand, the demand for instruments is increasing, and the testing instrument market is also developing rapidly

global testing instrument market situation and analysis

after a period of silence, the domestic electronic measuring instrument industry slowly began to recover. There are two main reasons for the substantial growth of products. First, the huge demand of the market, especially the huge development of the communication, radio and television markets, has led to the rapid growth of the electronic measurement instrument market. Second, the electronic measurement instrument industry has developed rapidly in the direction of digitalization and intelligence in recent years, and launched some digital products, thus achieving rapid growth in several categories. Judging from the recent development of China's instrument industry, the momentum is gratifying. Like the national manufacturing industry, although it has encountered many difficulties, it still maintains an upward development trend

although China's instrument market is developing rapidly, there is still a big gap compared with foreign instrument manufacturers. In the next 10 years, almost all the high-end and large-scale instruments and equipment used in China's major scientific research units, schools, enterprises and other units will rely on imports. At the same time, foreign companies also occupy more than 60% of the market share of domestic mid-range products and timely protective parts of many key parts. The world testing instrument market still has a great impact on China. At present, the competition in the world electronic measuring instrument market is becoming increasingly fierce. In the past, test instrument manufacturers mainly took the high performance of instrument products as a competitive advantage, what manufacturers developed and what users bought. Now, it has become the manufacturers' efforts to develop the instruments that users need, and take the cheaper, better, faster and easier to use test instruments as their goals. Driven by informatization, the world testing instrument market will continue to grow. It is generally believed that the market prospect of electronic measuring instruments is still optimistic

international instrument development trend and domestic current situation

I. international trend

independent research and development of scientific instruments has been paid attention to in innovative countries. Countries such as Europe, America and Japan regard "developing first-class scientific instruments to support first-class scientific research" as a national strategy, and give key support to the equipment and innovation of scientific instruments. For example, the United States supports the research and development of scientific instruments through the national natural fund (NSF) and the National Institutes of health, ensuring the leading position of the United States in the world's scientific instrument industry; Japan formulated the revitalization plan of high-precision scientific instruments in 2002. After Tanaka Kenichi of Shimadzu company won the Nobel Prize in 2002 for his outstanding contributions in instruments, the Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology of Japan decided to spend a huge amount of money (10billion yen) to develop the world's cutting-edge analytical, computational and measuring instruments from 2004, so as to stimulate more Nobel prize level scientific research achievements; The European Union listed "the development of manipulation and control equipment and instruments" as the key content in the field of nanotechnology and nanoscience in the "Sixth Framework Plan" (). In the "seventh framework plan" (year), 4.1 billion euros was spent mainly on the construction of new research infrastructure such as radiation sources, telescopes and databases; The natural science and Engineering Research Council of Canada has formulated the "research tools, instruments and facilities plan", and so on

it is the strong support of these innovative national governments that makes scientific researchers make important contributions to the research and development of scientific instruments. In recent years, Nobel prizes related to the research and development of scientific instruments have basically been awarded to scientists from innovative countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan

II. Technology development trend

the rapid development of science and technology promotes the emergence of new technologies and achievements of scientific instruments

at present, scientific instruments have gone far beyond the concept of "optical electromechanical integration". In addition to adding computer technology, a large number of rapidly changing high and new technologies have been introduced, such as nanotechnology, MEMS, chips, networks, automation, immunology, bionics, genetic engineering and other new technologies. At the same time, some sophisticated military technologies have been transferred to civilian technology, greatly improving the technical level and upgrading speed of scientific instruments. Nowadays, the development of scientific instruments generally shows the following trends: first, conventional scientific instruments are developing towards multi-function, automation, intelligence and networking; Second, life science instruments are developing in situ, in vivo, real-time, high sensitivity, high throughput and high selectivity; Third, the scientific instruments used for the detection and analysis of complex component samples are developing towards the direction of combined technology; Fourth, scientific instruments used in the fields of environment, energy, agriculture, food, clinical testing and other fields of the national economy are developing towards specialization and miniaturization; Fifthly, scientific instruments for sample pretreatment are developing towards special, fast and automatic direction; Sixthly, scientific instruments for monitoring industrial production processes are developing towards in-situ analysis

third, the industry cannot start the development trend after adding materials

first, PerkinElmer, thermoelectric, Agilent, Shimadzu, Brooke and other scientific instrument enterprises have a much larger diameter of oil return valve than that of oil delivery valve, and large groups dominate the international market of scientific instruments; Second, small and medium-sized scientific instrument enterprises usually develop in the direction of "specialization, precision and specialty"; Third, the formation of large scientific instrument groups through mergers and acquisitions and the formation of strategic alliances is an important trend in the development of the international scientific instrument industry

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